How to light a smokeless coal fire1. What You'll Need

A large handful of kindling for the base. Lots of scrunched up newspaper. Two handfuls of kindling for the top. Three shovels of good quality dry smokeless fuel such as Homefire ovals.

2. The Smokeless fire

First make sure the grate is clear, the ash pan is empty and the chimney has been swept within the last 12 months. Place some kindling on the grate left to right with another layer on top front to back.

3. Building the fire

Add a good layer of not too scrunched newspaper try and lay it level. Build a kindling pile on top.

4. Place smokeless fuel

At least two shovelfuls, you can add a couple of blazers smokeless fuel compressed logs as well.

5. Light the paper in several places

Lighting the paper in several places ensures the fire spreads evenly and sends heat up the chimney as quickly as possible this helps increase the draw.

6. The Kindling ignites

The burn has begun as the kindling ignites the chimney warms and the draw increases.

7. Place the fireguard

To protect from sparks place the fireguard in front and don't touch the fire for at least half an hour.

8. Fire is well established.

Notice how the fire has a very hot center and the coals have begun to burn.

Top up the fire
The fire is pumping out heat. Smokeless fires burn mainly from the bottom up, therefore it needs air from underneath, so keep the air gaps between the grates clear, prodding the fire should be from underneath and only to gently clear the air gaps while disturbing the fuel as little as possible. Smokeless fuel if stirred will go out. You get very little flame from this fuel so if you are after that blazing firelight the best option is a well seasoned log on top.

Don’t forget to always leave the fireguard in place in front of the fire even if you are only popping out of the room for a brief moment.